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My IP camera is not displaying any images in go1984.

Go through the following steps to exclude possible sources of error:

  • Check whether you can basically access the camera via a browser. If this is not possible, you should check the IP address and network connection. If your camera cannot be accessed reliably via a browser, you will not be able to access it via go1984 either.
  • go1984 generally expects to receive the images in JPEG format or as an MJPEG stream. Many cameras support dual stream, whereas others need to be specifically converted from MPEG-4 to this format (e.g. Allnet, Eyseo, Intellinet, LevelOne, Santec, Vivotek, etc.). You do this by logging into the camera via a browser and changing the video settings as required.
  • Check on the manufacturer websites to see whether the IP camera’s latest firmware is installed, and update as required.
  • Carry out a test by deactivating in succession the antivirus software and firewall in order to detect and exclude possible effects. If this turns out to be the source of the error, you should enter go1984 as an exception as it is generally not a good idea to permanently analyze or block the video stream.

I bought my software online, but have still not received any license code. Where has my go1984 license code got to?

Bear in mind that the license code is sent in a separate email. Your order goes through a manual check that can sometimes take up to two working days.
You won’t find the license code in one of the emails with the sender “Order information – share-it!”, but in the email from “sales@logiware.de” with the subject heading “Activation data(…)”.

Why does my license code no longer work with the current version?

When you buy a license, you are granted the indefinite right to use the selected version of go1984 on a PC simultaneously. 

If, after your one-year update authorization has expired, you want to access the updates available for your version and use them indefinitely, a license extension is required for this, which you can find here.

You can only use this license extension if:

  • you already have a registered version of go1984.3.xxx
  • your update authorization has almost or completely expired.

This license extension allows you to have access for a year to all the updates available for your version, and to use them indefinitely.

I have purchased an upgrade key for a later version and extended the subscription for my version. If I now enter my upgrade key, it is no longer accepted.

Enter your activation data exactly as it appears in the email you have received or on your license card.

I can access the go1984 server via the LAN. Unfortunately, I cannot access it via the Internet.

The port (default "1984") used by the go1984 web server must be configured in the router so that queries are routed via the Internet to the computer running go1984.
This setting on the router is often called "NAT" or "Port forwarding", but may also have a different name, depending on the model.

You can find out more about this in the relevant tutorial.

When accessing the web server, no images are displayed in the Java views, only small red crosses.

Install the Java virtual machine, which you can find under http://www.java.com.

The following message appears when the go1984 web server is launched: “Web server could not be started on Port 80”.

Port 80 is presumably already being used for something else (e.g. Apache, IIS). As every port can only be used once, switch to a free port (e.g. 81). You can then simply access the server via a browser by specifying the relevant port, e.g. "http://yourdomain.dyndns.org:81"

I can’t log into go1984 any more. The program is suddenly asking for a username and password.

You have probably activated the user administration function by accident. To log in, enter the default user with the name “Administrator” and a blank password.

I would like to install go1984 on a new PC and transfer the old PC’s program settings. How do I do this?

Go to the folder "logiware gmbh", which contains all the settings in subfolders as follows, from go1984 version onwards:

Under Windows XP/2003:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\

Under Windows 8/7/Vista/2008/2012:

If you cannot see the "Application Data" or "ProgramData" folder, take the following steps.
In Windows Explorer select "Tools" -> "Folder Options..." and the "View" tab. "Show hidden files and folders" must be selected under "Hidden Files and Folders".

Then copy the folder "logiware gmbh". (Note: The configuration was saved under C:/Programs/go1984/Cfg up to and including go1984 version

After you have installed go1984 on the new PC, start the program and then shut it down again in order to create the folder structure. The configuration folder "logiware gmbh" saved earlier can now simply be added under the path specified above.

How can go1984 be set up as a service?

Run "go1984.exe" using the "-install" parameter. go1984 is now installed as a service. This function, however, is only possible in the Enterprise and Ultimate versions of the program. Similarly, the service can be uninstalled again using the "-uninstall" parameter.

You can find out more about this in the relevant tutorial.

How secure is the order process?

The order process is protected via a secure connection so that data sent to the recipient can only be read again via this connection. This means that important information, such as credit card numbers, addresses etc. can be sent fully protected to the recipient via the Internet.

All the data specified on the protected pages are encrypted via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The servers support SSL version 3, including 168-bit Triple DES Encryption. The RSA module and SSL session offer 1024-bit encryption.

You can see whether SSL is active or not from the lock icon in your browser window.

What is the ideal operating system for go1984?

The current version of go1984 is supported by Windows 11, Windows 10 and the server operating systems Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2016.

Only 64-bit versions can be used.

Does go1984 also support audio recording?

No. go1984 is purely a video surveillance solution without any audio support.