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go1984 video surveillance

Video management software for professionals

Live images and camera control

The integrated image center allows you to display cameras on one or more screens. You can use one of a whole host of templates available from go1984 to arrange and set the resolution of the cameras.

You can operate controllable PTZ cameras with minimal effort using the software.


The recordings of a camera are stored in a tree structure, similar to Windows Explorer, on the hard disk.

For each image source an individual saving place and saving time can be determined. It is possible to use local hard disks as well as network hard disks.

As additional aids, the software offers a monthly and a daily overview with quick preview. Therefore lengthy searching of your recording archives finally belongs to the past.

Integrated motion detection

go1984 analyzes and permanently supervises whether the active cameras detect any motion in order to activate automatic recording or to raise the alarm.

In the process, freely defined masks can be laid over the image to exclude irrelevant areas from the motion detection.

It is even possible to analyze an external motion detector or switch through a suitable input channel.

Diverse alarm functions

go1984 can inform you in various ways when an alarm is triggered. For instance, the alarm can be notified via email or push notification.

A clear, flexible event manager enables the trigger signals to be configured exactly.

Remote access via LAN/WAN/Internet

go1984 provides an integrated web server that can be accessed via TCP/IP from the LAN and Internet.

This server allows you to access live images and recordings, as well as control PTZ cameras via all standard browsers through the go1984 Web Client or the free go1984 Desktop Client on Windows systems.

Suitable applications are also available for mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad or Android Smartphone.


For each weekday, periods of surveillance can be defined and combined with different camera functions.

Therefore it is, for example, possible to restrict alarm reports or recordings to particular times. Holidays can be treated individually by the user.

User administration / Access rights

Often, only selected employees are permitted access to the video surveillance system.

The sophisticated user administration makes it possible to give individual authorizations for each user.

By this means, live images, recording, PTZ controlling and administration rights can be restricted or granted individually to each user.