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go1984 Mobile Client

Support for your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch & Android Smartphone/Tablet

Live images

Easy access to your go1984 server with an iOS or Android device.

  • Free app "go1984 Mobile Client" in the Apple App Store / Google Play Store.
  • Connection via WLAN or optimized via cellular data network.
  • View easily scalable.
  • Thanks to innovative timeline, in near real-time, switch to recordings and "scroll through".


The entire recording archive is available to you for each camera.

  • Easily scroll through the scenes of a day or select another day. 
  • Thanks to innovative Timeline, in near real-time, "scroll" through recordings or change directly to live view.
  • Scale the timeline using the "two-finger zoom gesture".
  • Preview images show the maximum movement of the scene with a red marker.
  • Object detection can be activated or deactivated.
  • Digital PZ (Pan & Zoom) in live view / playback.

PTZ cameras & digital PZ

Simply control the moving cameras from your iOS or Android device.

  • PTZ cameras can be operated by "Gesture Control" or "PTZ Controls".
  • Digital PZ for fixed cameras or PT cameras without optical zoom. 
  • User defined preset positions controllable.

I/O support

Control "HTTP Events" previously defined in go1984 via the app.

  • Remote control of go1984 functions, e.g. activation of alarm functions.
  • Trigger outputs available in go1984, e.g. house lights, blinds or "arm" the alarm system and much more.

Notification via push service

In the event of an emergency, real-time notification is essential.

  • Alerting via push service.
  • App directly displays the triggering camera.
  • Push notification can be set at camera level.
  • Planning via individual schedulers.