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Live images via LAN/WAN

The go1984 Desktop Client can provide you with access to the live images being displayed on all your cameras from your LANs or via the Internet. It also supports simultaneous access to several go1984 servers.

To change camera, you simply select one from the list of available cameras. Images can be transmitted permanently or are only triggered by a recognised movement. An alarm can also be triggered in the form of an acoustic signal or popup if a recognised movement is detected. PTZ cameras can also be controlled via the go1984 Desktop Client.

When each camera is selected, not only is the live picture shown, but the most recent alarm images are clearly displayed too. The relevant scenes can be replayed at any time by simply clicking with the mouse button. Incidentally, all users only have access to the cameras for which they have been granted the relevant access rights.

Individual views

Creating individual views could not be simpler and you can also, for instance, add in the background the ground plan of the building to be monitored.

The cameras you want are added to the view with a few clicks of the mouse, positioned and resized. As a result, a single view can display simultaneously the camera images from several distributed go1984 servers.

The most recently transmitted alarm images can be accessed quickly for each camera at any time. They can also be replayed, if necessary. This means that you always have an overview of all the really relevant information.


Every camera has access to the entire recordings archive, even when accessing several go1984 servers simultaneously. This allows you to select the day you want via a clearly structured calendar and to then browse through the relevant images for that day. If you simply click on the relevant preview picture the scene will be replayed.

Access to the recordings archive can be set up individually for each user. In order to make optimum use of the available bandwidth, the quality of preview pictures, recordings and live images can be set for each go1984 server.