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go1984 Deep View App

Multi-Monitoring & Multiserver-Mixed-View on Windows, macOS & Linux, Raspberry Pi

The go1984 Deep View App is a performant and bandwidth-optimized client that runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. The app offers a multiserver mixed view, in which up to 8 x 64 cameras can be displayed. A Quick Access Digital Zoom allows for sharpening the image and zooming precisely into the surveillance area. The app enables quick and efficient monitoring of large areas and provides a comprehensive overview on up to four monitors.

You can use the go1984 Deep View App for free starting from server version

Below are some of the key features listed and described.



Layout/Design Editor

With the Layout/Design Editor, surveillance cameras can be freely scaled, positioned, and arranged on the screens. The new Deep Zoom function allows for precise zooming. Cameras from different servers can be displayed in one view. Copy, Cut & Paste, and an Undo function make editing the layout easier. It is also possible to swap cameras with each other or edit multiple cameras simultaneously.

Overview / Canvas

Here you are in the main view to see the cameras as they were previously positioned in the Design mode. There is a position memory that can store up to 10 freely selectable positions that can be accessed via the menu or the keyboard. A navigation window for an overview and navigation in the Deep-Zoom area can be shown or hidden. When zooming into the Deep-Zoom area, you can return to the overall view by pressing the ESC key.



The Multiserver-Mixed-View enables connecting up to 8 go1984 servers and freely mixing up to 64 cameras per server. This allows you to see and monitor all cameras from different servers in one view. It facilitates the monitoring of larger areas covered by multiple cameras from different locations. The function increases efficiency in surveillance and provides a comprehensive overview.



The Multi-Monitor function supports up to 4 monitors and allows for freely designing four views as described in the Design mode. Cameras can be freely positioned on each monitor and the positions are saved. This makes it possible to expand the surveillance image to multiple monitors and cover a larger area. Using the Multi-Monitor function increases efficiency and overview when monitoring larger rooms or buildings.